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Wed, May 18 2014
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Siebel Implementation

The implementation of Siebel applications is far more than the replacement of one technology solution with another. It is an opportunity for change and a chance to identify and improve upon the processes that lead to business benefits and drive your organization’s business success. This is complete business strategy, in which people, processes, and technology are all organized around delivering value to their customers. Siebel implementation success critically depends on following implementation best practices that we follow

  • Establish measurable business objectives by defining the specific business results customers want to achieve through the implementation of their Siebel application
  • Conduct Workshops with Customer organizations executives, managers, and users to a single vision, set clear expectations for the required changes, and identify performance metrics for their implementation
  • Develop an implementation strategic plan which is the framework from which we link people, process, and technology together to defines the project goals, develops a strategy for achieving these goals, explains how the application supports the strategy, and ensures value for the users
  • Establish program management, A strong program management team and methodology is important to the success of Siebel implementation. Establishing the decision-making rules up front and identifying the roles, responsibilities, and metrics to manage the implementation provides the framework that guides and supports customer’s Siebel implementation.
  • Develop a user-adoption strategy how well users adopt the new Siebel application and use it in the way intended directly affects return on investment. Developing a strategy to affect user adoption early on in your implementation saves you retraining costs down the line
  • Phase the implementation, Due to its complex business strategy, implementation is best achieved when carried out over phases
  • Train users, the development of a comprehensive training plan for customer’s Siebel implementation assists customers in achieving higher rates of user adoption. We conduct trainings for users to learn the new Siebel application as well as the business processes associated with it. Training should be role-based and ongoing
  • Monitor progress Once customers have implemented Siebel application we assist monitor, measure, and track customer system’s results through Support and Maintenance

Siebel Application Maintenance and Support

Siebel Application needs niche skills support to Maintain and Enhance the application. Globally any Siebel Customers/Owners will have a dedicated team of Siebel talents to support the Enterprise Application

Identifying a best solution provider or system integrators is more important than selecting a best solution for your project. Having an excellent CRM package and not a right implementation provider will mess up the whole project. So there is need for aAssociates having expertise resources who can provide full implementation support including system design customization, data conversion, installation, training, production support and maintenance.

In BRASSY Technologies

  • We ensure comprehensive and quick resolution from our Siebel experts and certified associates
  • We understand the business necessity and end user expectation of customizing your Siebel applications in a phased manner as new project and as minor enhancements during maintenance contract.
  • All support activities will follow the process of perform impact analysis, design, develop, testing and deployment. Also we conduct CAM Analysis to perform the Cause Analysis of any problems
  • We have a well-defined service management process, where we work with customers to identify upcoming or changing software needs. Our support liaison process ensures that we understand the future strategic direction of customer organization
  • We help customers in drawing the road map for all their application enhancements and integration touch points
  • With strong Oracle database experts we handle Oracle database administration, backup and recovery strategy, execute and monitor the EIM batch jobs for full and delta load from external systems to Siebel
  • We follow industry standard Service Level Agreement process for our Support activities

Siebel Upgrade

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your current Siebel CRM version. For example:

  • Upgrading may provide access to new functionality and software applications that can help keep your organization well
  • Positioned to meet your business objectives by leveraging the latest technology and built-in business processes
  • Updated software versions may provide an "out-of-the-box" solution to requirements that may need to otherwise be built and maintained
  • In an increasingly rigorous regulatory compliance environment, upgrading may facilitate compliance at a lower cost through retiring customizations
  • Upgrading allows you to leverage the latest performance and usability enhancements, enabling you to increase the efficiency of your applications and your business
  • You may need to upgrade to remain eligible for the highest levels of product support

Our experts have rich experience in providing a detail roadmap and checklist of the steps required to complete an upgrade, in the order in which it must be performed. We do the Implementation steps for upgrade and steps to be performed before and after the upgrade process in an Oracle suggested best practice manner. We perform the overall process like Infrastructure details, Pre-upgrade task, Siebel database upgrade, Siebel repository merge, Post-upgrade tasks and release deployment for GO Live